SWIM FIT SQUADS (High School to Adult)

Daytime and Evening squads available.

Caters for all types of swimmers from the everyday lap swimmer to the triathlete.

Programs are developed by our fully qualified coaches.

Swim Fit Squads cater for:

Everyday people wanting to improve their swimming technique and general fitness. Sessions are performed at your own pace and provide stroke development, the basic fundamentals of swimming, fitness training and a little speed work for variety. Emphasis is on fitness and fun!

For the competitive athlete - performance based training sessions are based on working towards and achieving specific performance goals, whether it be pool swimming, surf lifesaving, waterpolo etc. Individual assessment and programming ensures each athlete is able to reach their full potential with emphasis on technique, speed and endurance.


Fantastic fun exercise program for all fitness levels and ages.

Daytime and Evening Classes.

Aqua Aerobics is an ideal way to improve your aerobic fitness, body conditioning and is a great fat burning exercise. Classes cater for all ages and abilities. All our instructors are qualified and make the classes fun and enjoyable while helping to improve fitness levels.

Non impact, high aerobic full body workout.

Ideal for any person with muscular or joint problems


For you and your family, swimming is the BEST way to get and stay fit. Swim according to your own needs...leisurely or flat out. No sweat, no peer pressure, no special gear, just you and your togs!


The benefits of water healing, or hydrotherapy have been recognized for thousands of years. Water healing is one of the oldest, cheapest and safest methods for treating many common ailments. Gentle exercise or walking in the hydro pool relieves fatigue and prevents stiffness.

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