Our Aquababes program caters for babies and toddlers from 3-18months months of age and our Superbabes works on more age appropriate skills for babies and toddlers from 18 months on.

With parent/caregiver as the co-teacher in the pool, in a small friendly group of like-minded parents, your baby will learn through a structured program carefully designed to develop safety, confidence and coordination in the water.

  • Starting a swimming program early encourages a lifetime of participation and enjoyment in and around water
  • Positive social experiences with peers of same age
  • Develops mobility and coordination
  • Learn life saving safety skills
  • Enjoy uninterrupted quality time with your little one
Our Program
  • Happy, caring, child centred instructors
  • Learn through interactive songs, games and activities
  • Allows each child to develop at their own pace
What your baby will learn
  • Mobility - kicking and paddling skills for propulsion
  • Breath Control - allows your baby to submerge and swim underwater independently
  • Back floating - an important safety and survival skill
  • Safety techniques Eg. Grabbing the wall, monkey walking to safety, climbing out.
Aquatot Classes

Specifically for graduates of Superbabes. With no more than 3 per class, this class will encourage independence without the parent in the water.
2½ years is a general rule, however, your instructor will advise on your child's individual needs.