Pre School Program

"Please mummy can I go to swimming lessons again today!"


Our Pre-School program caters for beginners to stroke tuition from 2½ years.
Small graded groups with a maximum of 4 children ensure your child receives the individual attention they deserve.
Passports showing important milestones in your child's swimming development are updated monthly.
This gives you accurate and ongoing feedback of your child's progress.
Classes are booked on a month by month basis and run from 8.30am-12.30pm 7 days per week.


The philosophy of the Pre-School program at 5 Star Swim Schools is to encourage skill development in a happy, caring and safe environment. Beginners are encouraged to experience their own sense of buoyancy and propulsion by developing independence over very short distances.
This enables each child to progress at their own pace, and allows them to realise their potential and limitations.


Our program utilises songs and games specifically designed to encourage

  • Breath control - the key to successful, confident swimming
  • Flotation and buoyancy, independent of artificial assistance
  • Propulsion
  • Safety techniques.

Swimmers are encouraged to engage in "safe play" on the platforms or ledge during the lesson. This freedom to experiment and challenge their own limits provides the perfect opportunity for developing self awareness and confidence in the water. Happy faces, laughter and lots of noise are the norm in our program.
Freestyle and Backstroke are taught once competent and efficient swimming skills have been developed. With the emphasis on perfect technique, swimmers are taught in a fun, age appropriate environment and will develop skills to give them a solid foundation for many years to come.