Then why not join...


The club's philosophy is to foster and encourage the development of team spirit amongst children and parents through swimming and related activities.

There are 16 Friday night club nights during the swim season at which swimmers race in 2 events each club night. (3 for A grade swimmers).

Points are awarded to swimmers who improve on their own personal best time. Therefore each swimmer is rewarded for personal improvement rather than their place in a race.

This system allows every swimmer the potential to win the overall point-score competition regardless of ability.

Registered club members are also encouraged to compete in local carnivals involving swimmers from other clubs.

At these carnivals, swimmers work towards achieving qualifying times to compete at Representative Level.

The pathway to representing Australia is established from your child's very first competition.

Kincumber Pacific Dolphins has a strong representative team competing at NSW Country, State and National competition.

Benefits of Kincumber Pacific Dolphins membership:

  • A healthy sport that promotes self-confidence, fun and fitness
  • Development of team spirit within an individually competitive environment
  • Opportunities for weekend and week-long away competitions
  • Fantastic end-of-season awards for regular attendees and high achievers
  • The creation of life long friendships who share common interests

For more information go to: KPD page.